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When searching for a reliable air purifier distributor in Las Vegas, NV or surrounding areas, look no further than Refined Water and Air. We take great pride in installing air purifiers that satisfy all of our client's needs.

You'll appreciate that:

  • Our units can be installed anywhere
  • We offer maintenance on our units
  • We offer a wide range of innovative products
  • We work with homeowners and business owners

If you want to take your residential or commercial property to the next level, turn to us for high-quality solutions at affordable prices. Contact us today to find out more about our air purification systems.

Wondering if you can benefit from installing an air purifier in your home or building? Refined Water and Air will be glad to perform a free air quality test. You heard us right - for no cost at all, we'll come to your property and test your indoor air quality. Once we're finished, we'll provide you with a comprehensive report detailing our findings.

Do You Want to Breathe Cleaner Air?

Connect with a trusted air purifier distributor in Las Vegas, NV or surrounding areas

There's no telling what kind of germs are lingering in your home or building. If you want to keep dangerous viruses out of the air your family and employees breathe, Refined Water and Air can come to your aid. We install air purification systems in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas.

Our Aerus air purifiers are designed with ActivePure Technology to proactively reduce bacteria, mold and fungi in your airways and on your surfaces. They have also been proven to reduce viruses that lead to bird flu, swine flu and COVID-19. If you want to eliminate gross particles from your living space, we're just the company to help you reach your goals.

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